As video gains a stronger foothold over the social media and marketing landscape, it has been an enjoyable journey adding videography and video editing to my design repertoire. I use strong, colorful compositions with timely b-roll editing to get my clients messaging across to consumers. 
First Response Security has been around for over 34 years. They are a strong-branded local company known especially for the patrol vehicles. The term “I see your cars everywhere!,” is a signature statement that every salesperson hears at least ten times a month. For this online commercial, I really wanted to feature the cars, showcasing not just the strong brand, but the expertise and innovation that operating over 30 years can bring you. 
During Q3 of 2023, First Response ran three separate campaigns targeting specific vertical markets. We did mailers, ebooks, cold calling, and social media videos. Below is the video made specifically for mechanics looking for security. 
The recruiting department was having a hard time garnering interest on our employment ads and thought maybe I could help. They had me interview each department of the company in hopes to make a couple videos to attract some more applicants. I was to focus on the fun, benefits, and family atmosphere of the job. Below are the results. Day in the Life of a Patrol Officer has over 26,000 views on the First Response Security Youtube page. 
First Response Security had not attempted in-house marketing videos in a very long time, so when they approached me task, I was extremely excited. At the time we had no equipment, and no “talent,” as employees were highly against being in videos. I then had the idea to make branding videos with 100% b-roll footage only. One video focuses on imagery that feels safe, peaceful, and purposeful. The other uses funny imagery and comedic timing. Both describe how First Response can give safety, security, and peace of mind.
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